The start of my writing career was the 7th grade. The 7th grade was an easy year for me work was slightly hard my teacher Mrs. McPherson was a nice lady who was kind of gullible when it came to her students. In her class test were always in order something I was not proud of was when I was in middle school I would cheat on everything and anything possible. My writing experience came into play the middle of 7th grade when papers and book reports were expected by my teacher. Once the papers started to come in my life started getting harder in school I tried anything to get out of writing essays and short stories. After a while it became a giving to me, my teacher started to noticing my writing telling me I am getting better at it. By high school it all had gotten worst when it came to me writing.

By the time my 9th grade year came around I could make up short stories and two page papers off the top of my head. Writing and I had this crazy type of relationship I loved to write but once it was a due date I wanted to procrastinate and never wanted to get it done on time but the problem was writers block. During my high school years it was a confusing time because I did not use the right grammar at the right time and my English teacher was a pain. She was a mean lady name Ms. Johnson who was hard on me because I had so much potential and I did not show it as often as I should of. Me not working hard enough as I should of I did not learn the proper tools in writing. 10th grade I had left my old to school to transfer to a new school and I had another teacher name Ms. Carroll who made my year a living hell. She made us write paper after paper all the time to where we had a paper almost every time we read a book or watched a movie. By then I started to hate writing wanted to give up on something that I had a passion for witch made me fail the 10th grade but I had enough credits to leave the school and be put in the right grade. My 11th grade yea…

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