My passion is the sport of basketball. I was raised around the sport since I was 5 years old. It is a sport that requires both physical ability and mental awareness. It also requires conditioning and mental stamina. I love to watch it on the weekends on television. My father and all my uncles would play it every weekend in the driveway and I would watch in fascination at the skill required to play the sport.When I was 15 years old I realized that this was a sport that really called my attention and I was completely immersed in it since then. I would watch them practice for hours on end and think that someday I wanted to play the sport as well as they did. No matter the weather conditions, if work permitted it, they would be in the driveway, playing basketball. Even if the game became heated and tempers flared, they never lost control or focus on what they were doing.

Once I began playing the sport in high school, I was committed 100%, and would stop at nothing to succeed. During a game against Vincent Memorial, I began feeling sick from so much running up and down the court that I began to feel nauseous and felt like vomiting. I managed to control myself and stay focused, enabling me to finish the game. It was our fourth win in a row and I felt proud that I did my part to make it possible. Basketball requires both physical and mental strength, that’s why I enjoy playing it. Basketball requires stamina to be able to endure the constant running up and down the court at a fast pace with very little, if any break, during the game. The roar and approval of the crowd helps me get through the stress and physical fatigue of the game. I can only imagine it being compared to any other stressful, fast paced activity that can and will wear you out both physically and mentally. There were times when I would arrive home after a game, so tired that I could barely do homework or even speak.

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Throughout my life, basketball has been a passion that I…

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