As a professional contemporary dancer, counts and correction have always been a significant factor in my life. I am constantly being engaged mentally, physically and emotionally in something that I am passionate about. Over the course of sixteen years, I have learned a valuable lesson on the dance floor that have carried over into every area of my life- from hard work, personal beliefs, to connecting with myself. In the dance world, success is never final. The aspects of an individual’s life are constantly changing. I am a firm believer that if you have not done practice till you can’t feel your feet the next day, you don’t understand the true meaning of perseverance. I was not gifted with a natural turn out or hands which moved gracefully. But this did not stop me from working hard every single day to help me be the best dancer I could be. Blood still soaks in my newly washed tights, sweat slowly dripping down my cheek bones, and challenges are still presented to me. Nevertheless, I am determined and confident that I can achieve whatever I want through dance or my life as it has shown me how discipline and perseverance has pulled me through the hard times which molded me to who I am today.

When the curtain rises, the audience will watch a haunting and seamless 1-hour repertoire unfold. What the public won’t see, nor is it intended to ponder, are the painstaking hours that I and my friends have spent in the conceptual ferment- exploring, refining and remembering the movement. In the many years that I am in dance, letting my arms and legs be my guide as they follow the rhythm of beautiful melodies, letting my imagination fly away as soon as I step onto the wooden linoleum floor of my dance studio has been my way of living. Dancing has brought out my inner creativity and allowed me to embrace my unconventional side with the help of my inspiring teachers who never fail to guide me to truly be myself. And doing so has never faile…

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