Traveling for me is passion, I reassured myself that there is nothing greater than to do what we want.

Three days and two nights inside Thai, I just mere 140 baht, go to bed hungry, eat the toothpaste, eat young rice leaves to sleep on the first-night belvedere copper immense rice between Highway police went Sisaket … three days and two nights, no one spoke little Vietnamese (my native language), none of the kin, only whole theater howling police cars all night … three days and two nights, I miss home, miss home to play cried, I wish I could go to Laos to call home … probably worried parents. When got home, I found out while in Thailand, my father was going to the police.

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As a note by one famous cellist, Yo-Yo Ma: “Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks.”

How many countless luck between the risks? How many even aspire to fly between this much? Had a brother at work told me to add that I want to learn the art, but his mother forced him to a career in family pedagogy, then he fed, he learned a very straight perforation. Learned more in his being dismissed, he hid her parents, rarely go home. In addition to serving employment, he or sat near the stadium to draw a walk. He still smiled and said: “I’ll do it again.” Recent times met nearly two years ago; that day was the day he flew to a scholarship from the University of Busan – South Korea.

I had told him about his trip; he showed me the pictures, many of which are portraits. He enjoys painting portraits; he told each man a personal life, an event in itself, and it is expressed through the face. Drawing, sometimes to go to understand and contemplate. I remember the first time to go cycling through Vietnam, once that my mother cried every tear. My mother was afraid to go the distance, afraid of not eating enough … Then again I travel around Indochina and Thailand, though I knew …

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