Personal rituals are powerful for drawing us quickly and deeply into our own sacred space. They tend to invite us in to create a sort of clear plan using our senses, movements, feelings and visualization to create meaning and purpose. A ritual is a special habit or occasion that you alone, or you and others do. I do have a few personal rituals that I am content with. However, for me, rituals have too small of a role in my life and I would like to change that because I believe that certain rituals can help me relieve some of my stress and heavy burdens that I keep bottled up inside. Inside I scream for help, but no one can hear me. I need to find ways to help myself. A few rituals I would like to experiment with are: keeping a journal, reading before I go to bed and carving out some quality time for myself. I’m always super busy and doing kind things for others, but I deserve to have some time to myself too.

Dreams are the biggest ritual in my life. Currently, it is also one of the biggest challenges I am dealing with. If there was any way to rid my mind of dreams then I would without a doubt… Lately I have been having dreams of hanging myself. I either have the same dream three nights in a row, every other day and then skip three days, or none for three days. Three could be a symbol for beginning, middle and end, birth, life and death, or past, present and future.Usually I always hang myself in a different way or from a different height. It varies from the school rooftop, trees, out of a window and even my drum major podium. I have no clue what my dreams mean. I also have the occasional rape dream. I think that it is related to my life because I feel as if I am jeopardizing my emotional well-being. Even still, it honestly doesn’t make any sense to me and I lose so much sleep because I fear my dreams becoming a reality. A way I could help relieve that unneeded stress in my life is possibly going to a therapist to talk to about all…

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