When I was born, I had parts of my body that didn’t work as they should: my legs. I’ve been stuck in a wheelchair for 1 year of my life, and I’m still not comfortable with it. My life is so different from other’s lives. I can’t walk, run, or even exercise. Trying to get myself dressed every day is a nightmare. Getting assistance every day, to do things that I can’t do myself, is upsetting. I’m 19 years old, and I’m still asking for help. Shouldn’t I be doing everything on my own? My life will never be the same; I will never walk again.

Every day my parents say I don’t cause them any trouble, and that it’s not my fault that I need this much care, but I see the lies in their eyes. I fell like it is my fault. I put them out by being there for me constantly. I want to start doing everything by myself, without the need of help form others. When I get older, I want to be able to help people in the same situations as me. I want to show them other avenues around things, and that there is always a positive in it.

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Yesterday I went to go visit one of my good friends, Jeff, that has always been by my side. We were going to head to the shops together, but we would have to catch the bus to the shopping centre. I got to the bus stop really early, and I needed to use a restroom. So I went to the toilet, because I knew I had time before the bus arrived. On the way to the toilet, I hit the edge of the concrete, and fell over. No one was around to help me, and I was worried. I called up Jeff, but he didn’t answer. I was freaking out.

I kept trying to call him, but there was no answer. Jeff had got to the bus stop, and I was nowhere to be seen. He then looked at his phone to check the time, and he then he realized that I tried to call him. He called me right away. I answered the phone and he says, “Where are you Bobby?” I said, “I’ve fallen down and no one is here to help me, can you come straight away? I’m fine but we’…

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