My memoir is going to be about me being depressed and falling for a girl who helped me get better. I will always thank her for helping me get myself together. I look back at myself and think that I was an absolute mess. I was feeling pretty bad about myself physically and mentally. I was overthinking way too much and it would always send me into a temporary stream of tears. This girl didn’t help me but she was very nice to me and I guess she cared about me as a friend.We would always greet each other every morning and compliment each other on our outfits. I wanted to get to know her a little more and I happened to have some money on me. I sat down at gym time and mustered up any courage I had in my mind. Whipped out my phone and quickly sent her a message. “Hey, where were you today?”.

I was frozen. I couldn’t have believed I actually did that. It was surreal. I quickly texted her if she wanted to go out and get pizza. Around seventh period she had responded and she had accepted. I was dancing around in circles in my head just like a kid going home with money instead of candy from going to the rich houses. I was absolutely mind blown that this just happened. Two days pass and it was excuses from her but I was too hypnotized on the fact that she said yes so I let her slide. I shouldn’t have done that. She had told me that when spring break was over, we would go out. A week and a half passes and I haven’t forgotten. I see her walk into the homeroom but she doesn’t bat an hour towards me. I thought maybe she hadn’t noticed me. That wasn’t the case. For the whole year (except my birthday) it was like she pretended that I was a shadow. I was a ghost to her. For some odd reason, I wasn’t hurt or torn apart. I was hyping it all too much but that still doesn’t answer the question. Why did she have to treat me like a ghost?

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I hadn’t done anything to her. I offered her to go out and eat pizza for god’s sake. Who do…

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