According to success is the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or being liked. My personal definition of success is when you do your personal best to achieve or reach your goals in life, and you achieve them. That is what I believe success is. Success isn’t the amount of money you make or how fabulous your life is, if you have reached your dreams in life, then you are have been successful.

There are eight chapters in the On Course textbook that as a class we talked about and went into detail with. Those eight topics were: Getting on Course to Your Success, Accepting Personal Responsibility, Discovering Self-Motivation, Mastering Self-Management, Employing Interdependence, Gaining Self-Awareness, Adopting Life-Long Learning, and Developing Emotional Intelligence. Within each of these chapters, we learned all about what each of these eight things mean, and we learned many techniques and lessons that will help guide us for the future.

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When it says getting on course to your success, it means that you have begun a journey that can lead to great personal and professional success and you need to think about all of the choices you make in order to reach success. In order to reach your success, you need to stay on course. Staying on course means that you don’t let yourself fail; you get extra help if you need it, and you make wise choices that won’t let you get off your road to success. The main part of being successful is all about the choices you make. In my life, I chose to take a college level course in sophomore year of high school. This means that my work load would be much bigger then everyone else’s and that I had a lot more reading and writing. I now need to make wise choices that won’t get me off course. This means that I can’t go out all night long with friends when I have studying or homework to do and that I can’t put off all my work until the weekend. This would cause me to be off topic and it …

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