I am the type of person, which when asked to look in a mirror and pick out ten characteristics about myself, I cringed. Just thinking about having to look myself up and down, actually paying attention to what I look like, and making notes, was already giving me a massive headache. I honestly can not even remember the last time I spent more than ten minutes looking at myself.I got home, set all my school stuff down on the living room couch, and complained to my sister, “My professor wants me to figure out what body part of mine is going to be the reason for my success!” After reading over the instructions again with my sister, I realized I was a little bit wrong with what I had earlier proclaimed. None-the-less, we sat down in front of a huge vanity mirror in the dining room and picked out certain aspects about myself that do a fairly decent job at showing who I am as a person. We started with my head; my eyes change colors with my moods. Along with that, my nose crinkles when I laugh. Those two characteristics alone, both show how much of an open-book I am. No matter what kind of mood I am in, most people can always tell whether they should try to have a conversation with me or not. For example, when I get mad or frustrated, my eyes usually turn a darker shade of brown. I have a coworker that knows this about me, and whenever I refuse to meet his eyes, he knows I’m not in a terribly great mood. Another thing I noticed about myself is that I have tiny little scars on the top of my ear, where at one point in time I decided it was a good idea to get an industrial bar, even though I knew my dad didn’t approve of it. He told me he was fine with it if I wanted to do it, but I had a gut feeling that he was only saying that to make me happy. I hate the idea of disappointing anybody or letting someone down. I hate the thought of my dad not approving of the way I am, and the person I want to be. So, a few weeks after doing it, I took th…

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