My name is __________________. I’m 17 years old. I was born on December 4, 1997, in the city of Bellflower. I use to live in the city of Long Beach up to the age of 7 and then I moved to the city of Chula Vista because my dad had some working problems which made us move. Now I live in my grandma’s house with my parents and siblings. I’m currently a student at Castle Park High School. I play soccer in school and out of school, I also play lacrosse, and I’m in a sports medicine club at my school. When I turn 18, I will be getting an internship in a radio station and work there as a volunteer and then hopefully as a part-time job. I do community service at the elementary school I used to go to, and I’ve been helping at Otay Elementary School ever since I started middle school. I love to help children with their homework and give them advice with any requirements they might need or advice with middle and high school. I also help with any volunteer work or even help the parents if they need it. I live with my parents, John Thomas and Mary Matthews, along with my two brothers John who is in 9th grade and currently goes to high school with me and Steven, who is in 4th grade. I also have a little sister named Leslie, who is in kindergarten, I’m the oldest out of all them.My grandparents also live with us since we moved there because the problem my dad had with his work. My dad currently has an on and off a job like he just finds any job that has to do with title setting and that is available on Craig’s list that’s how my dad gets his money, it’s not a lot.Sometimes he doesn’t get paid, and we sometimes struggle to pay the house bills and anything we might need for school or just around the house. For example new clothes, new shoes, soap or shampoo, new pillows for us to sleep, any school supplies we might need or even food.

My mom is presently working at Otay Elementary School as a yard duty or just taking care of chil…

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