I was born to Jack and Bernadine Davis on July 24th, 1997 in Madison, South Dakota. When I was just five we moved from Madison to small town Woonsocket, South Dakota. This is where I believe my relationship really started with my parents. Being only five years old I had wondered why we had moved, why they had taken me away from my friends, and my school, not being able to understand the circumstances. We moved during the summer, so when school came around I had boycotted school, cried, threw temper tantrums for the first week and a half. I figured that if I wouldn’t go to school here we would move back and I could be with my friends again. Little did I know that was not the case.

Going through elementary school, I resented my parents for moving. I felt like I was in a rut, I went through school day by day, feeling like the same thing happened every day, every Sunday what felt like being a force to go to church. I spent most of my time upset with them. In 5th-6th grade my dad had coached me in basketball, forcing me to go to the gym to put in the extra work, forcing me to work hard that I didn’t want to do. 7th grade was a whole different story. Finally, some responsibility, my brother, Justin was finally able to drive, so no more rides to school from mom and dad, no more having to tell them how I did my homework, no more having to deal with them as coaches. What I still didn’t understand was that even when I started doing badly in school, the teachers would call my parents or talk to them about what was going on. My brother being 4.0 student and eventually the valedictorian of his class, my parents would constantly push me to be more like him, to try harder in school, which in return made me resent him, made me jealous that my parents would worship him and I would always be compared to him. Eventually, I learned it was easier just to accept the fact that if I would get A’s and B’s my parents would get off my back so to speak….

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