In 2014, my senior year and my last year playing baseball, my baseball team and I won the Group 4 Championship. At the start of the season, my teammates and I were determined to be the first baseball team in my high school’s history to win a championship. For that to happen, as the captain of the team, I wanted to have a player only meeting before the season started. We discussed our goals as a team and our strengths and weakness. We also explained that every player on the team needs to give 100% we are on the field, and we talked about our individual goals and what each player can do to help the team win. When the meeting was over, I was very confident because I knew every player on the team was on the same page and was striving towards the same goal.

Over the course of the season, we put in a lot of hard work, and we would always remind ourselves that the hard work would pay off when the hoist the Championship Trophy in the air. During the season, we had a lot of intense practices that coach would put us through. Our practices, my coach would challenge us mentally and physically, but we would push each other and encourage each other to fight through the pain. Throughout the season, a lot of the seniors stepped up their leadership and always gave their all every time they stepped on the field. We also played in a lot close games in which we won and lost some. The most entertaining game that my team and I played was the Semi-Final game to advance to the Championship. We were losing most of the game, but our coach told us to believe in ourselves and keep our heads up. In the 7th inning, we scored three runs to tie the game, and in the 13th inning we took the lead and won the game.

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Game day! The night before I could not sleep at all because my emotions were running wild. For breakfast I had ; pancakes , bacon , eggs , and orange juice , but I did not eat a lot because I had butterflies in my stomach . During school, my coach called …

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