“I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” (John Green, The Fault in Our Stars) On a sunny August morning in 2010, I walked into lunch and unexpectedly met the love of my life. His name is Tyler. I will never forget it; I was walking back to my normal lunch table and saw this tall, stunning guy staring right at me. And God, was he ever so gorgeous! That breathtaking smile of his looked like he was keeping a secret from the world. The way his perfectly mahogany locks kept falling into those chocolate brown eyes. Not to mention the great body he had, he was every girls dream come true. We locked eyes for what felt like minutes, but was only seconds and instantly I felt the sparks flying and I felt the world stop around me! He started smiling at me and I got that warm, tingly feeling throughout my body. I leaned over to my friend, Jolie, and asked if she knew who he was. Unfortunately, she said she was not sure, but she knew that he was new. Eventually, through mutual friends, we learned a few things about each other and we began to talk. Two years later, we were in tenth grade, and we had most of our classes together so we had more time to talk. With time, he asked me to go to the homecoming dance with him! Of course, I accepted his offer, but the catch was he had to meet my mother first. So on September 28th, he came over, and when he was leaving we shared a magical kiss! As I was walking down my deck steps, he opened his arms for a hug, and he went in for the kiss. This kiss was no normal kiss, it felt as if it came out of a Disney movie. It was something that Prince Charming would do to Cinderella after he walks her home at the end of the night. Passionate, yet sweet and gentle. A soft embrace, kissing only for a few seconds, and then you smile at each other afterwards. I could smell his Bleu De Chanel cologne and it makes you sigh as you breathe it in. It was absolutely perfect!

Until this day, 3 magic…

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