Summer in my mind never commences until the 4th of July. It’s when I would see the American patriot in most come out, along with barbeques and fireworks. That being said, there is nothing more stereotypically ‘Merica than a 4th of July weekend down south. As an immigrant the emigrated to the US when I was 6 years old, celebrating the day the United States gained independence from England was something I was never brought up doing, it always passed as any old day my household. This year though, my family and I went to visit some family friends in Georgia for the weekend and what in turn became the first time I was a part of the festivities. After a calm afternoon of veggie burgers and chit chat, we all decided to take a drive down to the local beach. It was here when I saw my very first set of Sothern folks, drunk none the less, raving on about the football and berating the country the US has become today (my most pessimistic guess is that they are referring to a mutual hate for a certain race and my most optimistic is that they are referring to the ridiculous price it is to receive a college education), it was like I could almost smell the bacon coming out of their pores. Nonetheless, seeing the fireworks was worth it and July 4th 2015 being an interesting start to my summer.

Two days after the 4th of July I stared my internship at KPMG an audit, tax and advisory company. It’s amazing the things I discovered this summer about corporate America and living in New York City in just 8 weeks. Even though I have lived in New York for over 10 years I realized that there is so much that I was yet to see, and having an internship on Park Av I was right in the hustle and bustle of NYC. I meet a lot of great people while learning to carry band aids around for the countless paper cuts I received while filing literally thousands of pages of paper work.The biggest things I would take away is the people I met. A few of my fellow interns were o…

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