The blacktop of the road reflects off my sister’s car and its consistent dull pattern that has been tailing us throughout the recent hours, yet it feels more like days. The mile markers on the side of the street are flashing by, like a photo booth, indicating the way to our destination when we zoom by. In the long run, the markers begin to blur out of the spotlight as the magnificence of the mists dangling from the sky, similar to a smooth white material, wins over my competitive eye and attracts me to its delicate texture. The colossal rough stones and green-shaded trees close by the winding streets navigate my family and me all through this depleting venture. Just the continuous twofold yellow lines and the progressing white line enclosing us. My eyelids begin to grow heavy as the car’s tender shaking movement persuades me into a profound rest.

As I bit by bit wake up from my rest, I am presented with palm trees waving to me with a warm welcome to my family and I as we drive forward. My family and I finally managed to reach Florida, our get-away destination, as daytime was gradually falling. We eventually arrived at our beautiful white and gold hotel that was right on the beach. I do not think I could have been any more eager to see the delicate smooth sand and aqua blue waves slamming down. I scrambled out of the car stretching my cramped limbs while filling my lungs with the ocean’s refreshing breeze that whipped my loose hair around me. I then proceeded to yank out my large heavy purple suitcase from the trunk and began to roll it towards the hotel room. Our room was very elegant and spacious. It had a few large beds, kitchen, dining table, refrigerator, plush couches, and a plasma television. Prior to daytime gradually falling, my sisters and I chose to make a beeline for the beach as we stripped out of our clothes and changed into our swimsuits.

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As we stroll along the shoreline, I can feel the hot unpleasant grains of tan san…

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