When people start high school they are usually so excited. They can’t wait to experience everything that comes with being in high school. I mean who wouldn’t? They say that high school is the best five years of your life. Now I am months away from graduating. I can’t say it was my best years but I can say they were my most educational years. I mean I have learned what the words “friend”, “betrayal”, “love”, “strength” and “mean”. They changed me to become a strong and cheerful girl. My most memorable year was 2012. I was a form 3 kid. My first year to the morning session. It was tough for me. I have to shift from the first class because of my results. Yup, means I have to live myself and start all over again. I hated the feelings when I was forced to be apart for my friends, especially my best friend, Kai Yan. But thank god I am will in my new class with new classmates. That is how I met Li Yen, Wei Ao, Mun Yuee and others.

Everything was fine, just have a little sour in it. I quarreled with my best friend for some reasons. Our friendship went to the freezing point. That was a tough time for me because I was aware of losing my only best friend in secondary school. But then I have opened up my mind. Let it go. Yeah, I did! I saw the sunshine finally. 2013 opened my door of happiness. I must thank myself for entering art stream as I can’t manage to be in science stream. I know no one in 4AK1 until Jin Yuan, Chee Herng, Jing Yi, Kar Teng, Man Fei transfer to here like me. I thought it will be another tough year to go but they totally change my mind. They are so friendly and funny. We are just like a big family. Thanks god for letting me know them although it was a little bit late.

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I also entered the Chinese Society for the very first time in my life too. Surprisely I was selected as secretary and Lo Yen as treasurer. I was also selected as the chairman of the Mid-Autumn Festival. There were too many things bum…

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