The yellow shining sun started rising from the ground. It filled the sky with mighty colors of orange and splashed the clouds with endless rays of pink. It was bright and its orange hues “entered” my room and woke me up. Its color and intensity were mesmerizing me to stare at it. At the moment, I stretched my hand and tried to touch the sun. The soft rays brought warmth to a new day.

The clock showed 7:30 am. Without any hesitation, I strolled to the bathroom to take a bath. After that, I wore a mini skirt with a striped blouse and a pair of sandals from Steve Maiden. As for accessories, I chose a pink scarf and a DKNY watch. Then, I applied my mascara, eyelashes, and lipstick. Of course, I would stand in front of the mirror and make sure my costumes and make- up were flawless. Then, I was ready to go.

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I was in Barcelona, Spain. The temperature was 83?. It was not boiling for me. Instead, it was breezing. It was my first time I traveled to Spain, and I was alone. I watched a documentary about Spain before. It introduced the church in Spain, the foods, culture, people and so forth. When I searched the review of traveling in Spain, believe it or not, it was 4.8 out of 5. Some of the travelers said: “There were no words to describe how beautiful was Spain!” Whereas some of the said: “Don’t hesitate! Pack your luggage and go ahead!” That’s why I was here! To be honest, I am quite afraid as I do not know the country: the strange language, culture, and food. Simultaneously, I was walking in the air because I was ready to explore the elements in Barcelona.

The first station I departed was a restaurant. I was here to fill in my stomach. I sat down, and a good- looking waiter approached me. The waiter said: “Ola.” Don’t be surprise; I did not understand what he had said. At the moment, I had a hard time to communicate with him. I tried to calm down myself and took a deep breath. Once in a blue moon, I came up with an …

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