Trips play an important role in knowing yourself better and knowing the people you take trips with better. People take trips for variety of reasons for example some people take trips for educational reasons while some take it out of necessity as refugee or a survivor of a natural disaster and others might take trips to just get a change in their routine lives. These trips can be proven a huge influence on an individual. Out of these variety of reasons to take trips for, I took a very big trip and one of the toughest decisions of my life just to know how does it feel like to take a trip with a group of unknown people to a completely unknown place. After coming here, which is before 11 months, in the USA for higher education, neither I had known many people nor I had many friends. 4 months had already passed and still I was not able to get to know more people and was not able to make new friends as my routine used to be very tight with not more communication with people around me.

However, I met a couple, through a senior from my school, who was living in the USA since last two years.They used to live in the same county as I did, in Los Angeles. I had kind of meet them several times on various occasions. This time I met them at a house party they had invited me at. So, the couple, Parth and Vaish, was just having a usual talk with me at the party and somehow Parth managed to ask me if I would like to join them to the trip they were taking to Cancun with a bunch of people. At first I was hesitant to say yes since the place they were talking about was in Mexico, a completely different country. It was a big decision for me as I have never travelled with unknown people plus we were talking about big expense of the trip. I would not have said a yes if I had not started making money and if I had not checked out how beautiful the place was.

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After a consistent insistence from Parth for 4 days, I took my decision to take the trip with them. E…

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