This remarkable trip started when the plane took off on a two-hour flight from Macau’s airport to the one in Bangkok early in the morning around 8 a..m. The time between the end of the plane engine’s rumble to the point of where I was faced with a young lady who stamped my passport felt less than a minute. We rented a driver that took us on the eternal grasp of the highway as we were on the road for approximately five hours (and half of that was just on the exit of the highway; I learned that traffic was a feature of Bangkok). The immense amount of vehicles on the road reminding me of a “second or third-world New York”; busy and populated however it is developing. By the time we arrived at the hotel during the evening we were all hungry we ate a Thai cuisine inside the mall across our hotel which concluded our first night in Bangkok.

On the second day, we started extra early as we did not want to waste time going to Pattaya from Bangkok (basically Markham to Niagara). We registered for subway cards that allowed us to transport ourselves around the city more efficiently (it was notably interesting how we were able to refund the cards after for money back). The first location that we went to was an outdoor area of what seemed like a farmers market however pretty much anything was sold there, from food to clothing, gifts to plants, paintings to jerseys, anything thought of could be purchased there for very cheap prices. Most of our day was spent there, and it was simply never ending as many new shops and stands kept appearing with fascinating items. Around the evening we left back to our hotel and walked along the beach which was behind our hotel, the scenery and landscape were astonishing.

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The third day of Thailand had to be my favourite of three as I woke up early and I spent my morning swimming in the outside pool being shown down by the sunny Thai sky. After falling asleep in the blanket of warmth that the sun provided me ou…

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