I have been interested in the state of New York for as long as I can remember. Each movie that took place in the ‘Big Apple’ displayed a beautiful city with so much to offer. My 14th birthday had just passed when my mother explained to me that we would be taking a trip as a family to New York. After this was explained to me the coming weeks were spent watching films such as “Stuart Little” and “Independence Day”. Both of these films took place within the city of New York and allowed me to enjoy the idea of my trip to come almost as much as I would enjoy being there. There was so much to do in what George Washington called the Empire City. We did not have time to see everything the city had to offer but each of us were given the opportunity to choose something we desired to see. It was difficult for me to choose exactly what I wanted to see at the young age of 14, but I did know whatever I ended up deciding on would be memorable. My mother had chosen to go shopping for part of a day and my brother had the idea of going to see the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building. Both of these activities were enjoyable and helped me to decide upon an attraction of my own.

Everywhere we went I took notice of the signs for the Bronx Zoo. The decision was a tough one for me but each of those signs influenced me to tell the rest of my family I would like to spend a day at the zoo.Initially I was upset because I felt as though the rest of my family was not nearly as interested as I was in seeing all of the unique animals.When we arrived at the zoo I began to notice a change in my family members’ attitudes.My brother Taylor was older than I at this time and we both had separate interests. Both the choices made by my brother and mother took place on the same day, but in contrast we spent the entirety of our day at the zoo. It seemed as though neither my brother, father, nor mother minded this because each of us were enjoying …

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