When one goes to a family reunion there is always that one person that one cannot wait to see. This person is usually funny, fun, wise, or social, but my Uncle David is all of those things. David Waldrop is definitely that person who changed my perspective on life. Uncle is that type of person that always has something interesting to say, or questions for someone. He wants to get to know everyone, and if he already knows that person then he will try to get to know them even more.David is not only my mentor but my role model also, who is described as many things including non-judgmental, generous, and friendly.

The most meaningful character trait about my Uncle David is that he is very non-judgmental. David does not have hostility towards anyone even though one might have bad grades, shameful past, particular clothes one wore, background/environment, family, and opinions on anything. He does not care about any of those things, just how one acts now. Uncle is very open to people and their opinions which ties into the non-judgmental trait. Non-judgmental has to be the most significant trait out of all the other traits that describe him. Generous is another imperative trait that describes my mentor. David is a very generous person who leads by example just like I lead by example from him. Uncle David had taken in an Asian single mother with three little girls. He does not just keep a roof over their head and buy them food and clothes but he also takes the three little girls to school every day. The charitable deeds list does not end there either, David also volunteered for many charities and homeless shelters. What stays in my mind though is that Uncle listens closely to what one says to him. Then brings a present to that person related to what they have talked about the last time he has seen this person.

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Have you ever met someone who every person likes just off of a first impression? Well that person is my Uncle David. . Uncle David …

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