Everyday is a good day. Although some days are good, some are not so good. As a student, my daily routine is very similar most of days in the year. But I attempt to enjoy it like it is my last day. This is my everyday life specifically.

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Morning Activities

Every morning, I get up at five thirty. I can’t immedately get out my bed because I will get my head dizzy if I do it. I take about five minutes to sit on my bed to make sure that I am ready to get up from my bed. Sometimes I sleep late at the night before so when the alarm rings at five thirty, I snooze it for ten minutes to take an extra sleep. I hate it when my Dad roughly walk to my room and turn the light on before my alarm rings. It makes me shocked and mad. After I am ready, I get down from my bed and go to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and take a shower. Then, I put on my uniform and go downstairs for breakfast. I don’t eat much in the morning. I usually eat bread or doughnut and drink a cup of milk. Sometimes when I’m on hurry, I don’t eat anything at all. My maid make me a cup of Energen to fill my stomach. I leave my house at six fifteen to go to school.

School Activities

My school starts at six thirty. After I arrive at school, I put on my vest and walk on the field and go through the lobby. There are two or three teachers at the lobby shake their hands with students who has just arrived. Some teachers stop me if I don’t smile back while shaking hands with them or my uniform is not tidy enough. It’s terrifying when the fence is half closed before I enter the school. If I see that, it means that I am late. I often arrive at class at six twenty, so I still have ten minutes to do something like to finish my homework or take a small nap. My school activities starts with the morning prayer led by any student in the class. Afterwards, we start our learning activities. Some of the teachers can make us excited to the lesson by using a picture or video…

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