A person once said, “Don’t dwell on the past or the grief you hold within. Push yourself through the tears and love the movement because this is something that will make you stronger.” Although this particular person is unknown to me, I greatly admire his/her words. It tells me that no matter how hard the path of life may get, I must keep moving forward and that those bumps in the road will help, make me a better and a unique person. I know this to be true because I have gone through it. Ever since my parents got divorced when I was young, I have had to keep looking ahead and not focus on the past. Doing this has made me who I am today.

It all started when I was about five or six years old. My family consisted of a father, mother, two younger sisters, one older sister, and three older half-sisters, who had the same father as me but a different mother. We all lived happily under one roof together until I reached six years old. My mom and my dad began to have arguments with each other about reasons that I can not remember. They were small and meaningless at first, but eventually, they got worse. Once they became worse, the arguments would escalate more quickly and would occur more frequently as time went on. It terrified my sisters to see our parents behave like that. In additions to my parents altercations, my older sisters initiated themselves in on their share of fights. I remember having the police being around most of the time when the fights hit their peak. For example, one morning before school they got into a massive fight, and before I could piece together what was happening, my mom locked my sisters, herself, and me into my bedroom to get away from my father. Only a few minutes later the police were at the house and talking to my parents. Not only was I late for school that morning, but I had a police escort.

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It was tough for my sisters and I had to watch all of this unfold in front of us. Arguments like these change a c…

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