The year I turned 8 years old was a very important year to me. Not because I was finally big enough to play basketball with the fourth and fifth graders, but because I got my very first pet. I didn’t get the pet I wanted but I still got a pet witch at that time was a big deal to me. It all started on a Saturday morning, my parents and I were sitting in the living room watching a Disney movie. I had asked my parents for a puppy for a long time but my mom always said no because I wasn’t responsible enough. So I knew getting a puppy was off the list. Then I thought about how cool it would be if I had a huge fish as a pet. I asked my parents, “Mom, Dad I know you said I can’t get a puppy but would it be okay if I got a big fish, like the ones we ate last week.”

My dad said with a confused face, “You want a Salmon?”

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“Yeah, I could keep it in my room, and I’ll take good care of it too.”

My mom said with a stern face, “You can have a fish but how about you start with a small type.”

“You’re mom’s right, and anyways a big fish would need a lot of space to swim,” said my dad. I agreed with my parents because I was so excited that I would be getting a pet. So my dad and I went that day to a store called, Petco.

When we got there a man came up to my dad saying, “Can I help you with anything.”

My dad said, “My son here would like to get a fish.”

The stranger who had a nametag on his shirt that read “John-Manager” said, “That’s great, I can help you, the fish section is just to the left.” We followed him, and as we got closer I could see the many different types of fish. I didn’t know what they were all called. I had only learned about one type of fish in school and that was: the Goldfish. That’s also the type of fish I wanted. My dad said I could get two fishes instead of one and this just made me way happier than I already was. I picked two Goldfish at random and we took them home.

When we g…

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