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26 September, 2016

My Worst Experience I Ever Experienced

The worst experience I ever had was in 3rd grade when I first attended James Mchenry Elementary School. My family and I had just moved from Silver Spring, Maryland to Lanham, Maryland during the fall of 2001. For the 3rd time in my eight years of living we had moved which meant having to switch schools during the middle of the school year again. It was rough on me and my family but my dad got a new job so it required us to move yet again.

On my first day at my new school I was nervous, scared, and afraid to step out of my shell because I had no friends and I would have to make new friends all over again.

So later on that day at recess, I decided to play basketball with some of my classmates, now at first I was missing a lot of shots.

Shortly after I started to jump when I was shooting and I started making baskets which put our team ahead 10-7.

It was game point for us and I had the ball so I passed it to my teammate and he told me to cut to the basket, I proceeded to do so and threw me a pass and I lobbed it at the basket. The ball bounced on the rim 4 times and my teammates and I watched the ball anxiously dropped into the basket and we all jumped for joy. I honestly was not that good at basketball, but my dad always taught me to keep shooting until it goes in and I took his advice and applied it to my game.

Recess was over after the game, so I headed back inside to class grabbed my things and we were dismissed for the day.

As I was walking home my classmates that played on the losing team during recess approached me and asked “How did you keep making those jump shots after initially missing a bunch of shots”. I told them that my dad always told me to jump when I shoot and even if I miss a few shots continue shooting until you make it.

One of my classmates slapped my glasses off my face and said “I do not care what your dad sa…

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