?Good morning everyone!

I feel I’m very special to stand here and share with you my vocation story. It may not be interesting like the story of Saints Peter and Andrew that we have just heard from today’s Gospel, but I hope it can inspire you as some points.

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God did not call me in a clear way as he did to any disciples or any people in the world. He called me simply by what I was interested in. And of course, at the age of 16, I had no idea what God could do in my life. I just did what I liked and by those reasons, I became a sister of myself, not for God, nor for people of God. It took time to shift my being from “the sister of self” to “the sister of God.” What happened? I will share with you now!

I decided to enter the convent firstly because I loved the habit – the clothes that was even more beautiful than the weeding dresses in my thought. Secondly, I told myself that I wanted to be respected, and I chose to become a sister as a way to be highly respected. I don’t really know how American respect the priest and religious people, but in Vietnam, if you are a priest or a sister, you must be treated as a king or a queen. So, I chose to become a sister. Thirdly, I strongly wanted to live a life of a sister because I had to prove to people in my village that I can do it. Honestly,I entered religious life with only two purposes: the habit and being respected. However, the third reason that I just shared came to me after I joined the convent about two months. It was a phone call from my Mom. She told me that people around questioning about my absent in the village. And sadly, they were so suspicious about the news that I already entered the convent. I was so disappointed but at the same time, what people told my mom also motivated me to continue my vocation. I told myself, “I will never give up, I have to prove them that I can do it. I will become a sister.”

I have just shared with you my purposes why I became a si…

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