It was a beautiful Saturday morning on August 30. The warm summer air hit my face as I walked from the car, the sweet summer smell filled the air around me. Ahead I could hear the soft laughter and chatter of my friends and family as they waited for me to arrive. I was a nervous wreck. August 30th 2014 my wedding date, the day my life changed forever.

I waited standing outside the church doors waiting for cue to walk in, my dad on my left and mom on my right, I squeezed their arms and whispered please don’t let me fall. Then the doors flew opened and my song “forever” by Chris brown rang through the halls, as we stepped inside, and made our way up the Isle. Everyone was smiling and taking pictures, I was so nervous there were so many eyes on me. All I could think was what if I forget what to say? What if I fall? Then I locked eyes with him, my soon to be husband. I felt like I was daydreaming, this couldn’t possibly be my wedding day? Everything looked perfect! I was overwhelmed with happiness, nervousness, and excitement. I was moment away from becoming Mrs. Keough. Then the Pastor John spoke interrupting my thoughts” who gives IEshia Pike to this man” both my parents responded ” We do” and Jerome took my arm from dad with a nod and we made our way up on stage. I never hear a word the pastor said from here on, I just started in Jerome’s eyes completely taken and thinking “OMG I’M GETTING MARRIED!!” And “God I LOVE this guy!!” As I stared Jerome kept smiling and trying to make funny faces so I would laugh and not cry. Next thing I knew I was saying I do and walking back down this aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Keough, the newlyweds to the song “tonight gonna be a good night”. After we said out thanks to all our guest we left for our pictures.

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The dining room at the Press Club was decorated with hot pink, and cobalt balloons with white calla lilies, blue and pink roses, the perfect decoration for a summer wedding. Long, tall w…

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