?History stretching back three millennia is spread out in China. When people walk along a serene path, they can easily feel that cultural relic is hidden in every acre of the ground. Beijing, as the capital of China, is center of culture, business, and politics; every single brick on the city wall of Beijing has witnessed almost every significant change from the past; every single breath may be mingled with smell of soil from 5000 years ago(Beijing’s). However, the most noticeable culture in Beijing is “the Old Beijing”, featured of traditional Beijing culture. Hutongs are the places where people can experience the most authentic Old Beijing culture. Nanluoguxiang, also named South Luogu lane, is one of the oldest Hutongs in Beijing(Heritage). The history and sceneries of Nanluoguxiang will be shown in this passage.

Although Chinese culture is widely spread, people may not be familiar with some specific terms in Chinese culture, such as Hutong. Hutongs means a lane or an alley, formed by rows of Siheyuan (a compound with buildings around a courtyard) where old Beijing residents lived. Hutong originated from Yuan dynasty, but it has changed a lot since then. Beijing hutongs range from 40 centimeters to 10 meter wide. The longest ones have more than 20 turns(Zhou). As for Nanluoguxiang, it is 786 meters in length-with a history of over 800 hundred years, and its sub-lanes along with the main lane were in pairs and facing each other, which still maintain the layout of streets and lanes in the Yuan Dynasty. Nanluoguxiang was the center of the capital of Yuan Dynasty, Yunadadu(South Luogu Lane). At present, he Nanluoguxiang area sits in the northwest part of the city’s Dongcheng district, and falls under the jurisdiction of the Jiaodaokou neighborhood sub-district. It begins in the north at East Gulou Street, ending in the south at East Di’anmen Street(Inside).

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“Nanluoguxiang has so many stories that I have to spend at least t…

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