To this day, I question whether that is the day that I found out that I had an addiction or was I just too frustrated. It occurred on April 19, 2015, and I was at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Fl, for seniors’ night out. This is a celebration for every senior before graduating from high school. It was a way to celebrate for everything we achieved throughout high school. Thinking about going to Busch Gardens, was a way for me to spend a wonderful time with my friends, especially my best friend until we meet again on graduation day. I thought it was going to be a wonderful day and I would be able to do whatever I want; play, take pictures, videos, make memories and enjoy every ride but unfortunately I was wrong. I did not prepare myself for anything to go wrong that day, I expected everything to go nice and smooth until that one reckless behavior ruined my whole day and which also taught me something about myself.

 Waiting for the sun to rise that morning was happiness to me, all I could think about was one thingthe terrific rides and the delicious foods. I only slept for a few hours that night. As I was eating breakfast, I thought about all the rides that I would be riding with my friends once I get there, all the fun games that I would participate in and all the foods that I would also enjoy. Once I got to school around 7:30 AM, about 45 minutes later, they made an announcement for all seniors to be directed near the football field to get on the bus. Everybody was excited, not everyone got a chance to go there, especially me. I sat on the front row of the bus and I also got the window seat with my best friend because we wanted to see everything since it was a 4 hour drive to Tampa, FL. It’s time to get on the bus; everyone was getting on in alphabetical order while chanting “BUSCH GARDENS, BUSCH GARDENS”! By 9:30 AM, thanks goodness we were on our way to Busch Gardens.

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In addition, we arrive there at 2 o’clock …

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