It was the last semester of my senior year in high school. My 18th birthday was only a couple days away. The only thing that was on my mind was a car. My mom and had been going back and forth about this car situation ever since I was 16. My mom decided to talk it through with my grandparents, but they didn’t agree and thought it was not a good idea. Even though I already knew how to drive, my grandparents thought that I was not responsible enough to take care of a car. My mom thought otherwise, and decided that we were going to look around at some car lots.

My birthday ended up passing, but I still had faith in getting a car. On the weekends, my mom and I would travel to different car lots around Georgia just to get an idea of what I was interested in. I grew up spoiled which caused me to be picky with certain things. So driving a “hoopty” was most definitely out of the picture. The car that I wanted was an Impala SS. I knew that it was going to be tough trying to find this car on a lot somewhere, but my mom managed to find one in good condition at a car lot about 30 minutes away. The next day my mom and I drove up to the car lot and before she could park the car I spotted the Impala right away. The car actually looked better in person. We were able to test drive the car, it drove pretty well, and the asking price for the car was good. The only problem is that my mom decided to call my grandparents and of course they disagreed. So we ended up going back home. The next day I remember coming home from school and nobody being there. Around 9:00 pm my mom told me to come stand on the front porch. About a minute later I see the same impala from the car lot coming down my street and pulling in the driveway. I was really shocked because I really thought I was not getting this car. My mom told me “it was a great deal to pass up on.”

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So I finally had a car. The only thing that was stopping me is that I still had my permit. Its’s sad …

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