Different people have different unique capabilities hidden in them. Some of them are god-gifted while others work hard to achieve those skills. Life is a collection of many experiences. And the same experiences teach people many new skills. The more a person practices it, the more skilled s/he becomes and more smoothly they can demonstrate it.

In my life, I have learned many things. Life has provided me with many opportunities to learn those things. I know how to sing, I know how to paint, I know how to prepare foods, and many more. But among all the things that I can do, the best I can do is to play guitar. It’s also the thing I enjoy most. Which is probably why I am good in it than I am in other activities.

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Music itself is a language. And musical instruments play part in it’s communication. With the help of music, one can express his/her feelings without speaking. And anyone can understand the message of music. I had heard this thing many years ago. From that day, I wanted to learn a language that anyone could understand. And my solution was to learn guitar. I had always wanted to play guitar. I insisted my parents to buy a guitar for me. I got my first guitar when I was 12 years old. I took my guitar to my school and took a guitar class. The first song I learned to play was Lajalu Muskan. It’s key signature is C major. And I still love to play this song. Being able to play a song on a guitar by myself was very exciting moment for me. It was also the moment that inspired me to continue playing guitar till today. Slowly I started to learn more and more about it. I practiced playing guitar during all my free time. I always enjoyed playing rhythm than bass or lead. So I continued playing rhythm guitar. I started listening to more and more songs and practiced playing in as many song as I could find. I took help from many professional guitar tutors.

My days were going normally. I was practicing guitar more than ever. Then one day,at a…

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