Before every competition, I think of the purpose of why marching band competitions are so important especially to me. First, it shows my talent of being a big influence for playing trombone. Second, I’m representing the school by playing in the show and working hard showing and telling people I’m from Beatrice high school and that I’m proud. Third, the most important thing is my grade.  Unless I have a really good excuse for getting surgery, you never miss a band competition. If I miss a competition the next day I would have a big fat F in the class. And that would kill me more than the grade itself getting killed. But I’m a freshman what would I know!  Until one competition changed my life and a day I will never forget.

It was at Lincoln Seacrest Field where it all started. Before the drum major conducted the counts to start the show, you hear this silent breeze going in and out your ears, a nice, calming breeze, and at that point, I took a nice deep cleansing breath and went into band mode. My heart rate is calm even though I’m excited and my body is totally in tune and I just couldn’t wait to march. My concentration has never been better except I felt like I would forget my music even though deep inside I knew every note. I could feel the exhilaration of the bodies around me making sure that they are also ready for the march. Then, Keeli gave the counts for the 1st movement and it all just kinda happened. My body felt electrified and just started moving on its own as if it already knew what it was doing. Just hearing the judge’s comments let me know they were close and watching, and hearing their excitement while speaking into their recorder let me know we were doing a good job.

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Finally, it was the last 8 counts for the whole show and I thought to myself that I had to make it good. But looking in front of me was a judge and he was in my spot.  I could feel the adrenaline rush going through my heart into my veins. Ti…

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