It all started when the arrogance got in my head. I transferred to John Glenn for one reason, to play and become the best basketball player I could be. Now, all I can remember is the clock winding down. The greatest moment of my life was shared with the worst moment. It took me a long time to notice who I was becoming and how it was affecting the ones around me. Our team took a hit that game and with my performance, we will never play another game this season. However, when you choose to ignore the man in the mirror you have become, God has a funny way of opening up your eyes.

I had averaged a double-double throughout the season, second in points and first in rebounds. Detroit News had done many writings categorizing me as a game changer and pop-up player. My coach was even quoted saying, “I believe that Taylor cannot be guarded at her position. She an absolute scorer who can grab boards and never tires on defense. She’s definitely that deal”. I had made “I’m that deal” a catchphrase around school by the end of the week. Teachers would ask me about the games, and students would fire me up in the most ridiculous of ways. I went from the humble player that worked out every day, to the player that assumed they were better and dared anyone who said differently. A true asshole.

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The day of our district game, we all knew that the most important people would be there. I got up that day believing that we would when the game and that I would get recognition by college coaches tonight. I had a couple scholarship offers to NCAA Division III schools and NAIA Division I and II schools, but that wasn’t enough. After winning KLAA All team award, I knew I was capable of more schools and more money. Before most games, I would pray to God that he kept me safe, but today I paid most of my attention to my friends who made me feel like an all-star. My mom always told me that “people only come to God when they need something” and I always sa…

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