From its extreme south to the extreme north, inch by inch, Pakistan is soaked in many colors of life. Its diverse uniqueness is as colorful as if it was created by the Almighty with the finest strokes of her brush. Since many centuries, the kaleidoscopic patterns of its diverse geography, rich environment and unique lifestyle of its people have been creating mesmerizing effects on the people from far lands. In the north, three grand mountain ranges; Hindu Kush, Karakoram, and Himalaya converge to create a fairyland. That fairyland is decorated with fresh-water lakes, singing springs, lush green meadows and sky-piercing peaks. The mountainous region proudly holds five out of 14 highest peaks in the world that symbolize the pride, strength, and resilience of the people of Pakistan.

In the midst of a pure calmness, there also lie wonders such as Baltoro Glacier, one of the world’s largest glaciers and Deosai Plain, the world’s highest plateau.

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Besides snowcapped dry mountains, there are green mountains with a thick cover of forests enriched with bio-diversity. And of course, there lies The Salt Range that extends from Jehlum River to the mighty Indus, across the northern Punjab. This colorful hill system contains the second largest deposits of rock-salt in the world.

Beneath the foothills of Himalaya, there lies Indus Basin, a vast and fertile plain extending from Punjab to the shores of Arabian Sea. The varied nature of these plains ranges from fertile lands to the plateaus and from deserts to the wetlands. To the southeast of the country, the rich and dry land of Balochistan contains many wonders in it. Gwadar, the most promising feature of Pakistan, is one such wonder. Gwadar as the world’s deepest sea port is fast emerging as the regional center of trade business activities. The dramatically changing geological patterns of Pakistan support a wide array of ecosystems that shape diversity of fauna and flora in the country.


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