Did you know that more then one billion people in the world live on less then $1 a day? Did you know that every 3.6 seconds a person dies from starvation? (Kliesner). These things are happening in Nicaragua. Nicaragua has quickly become the second poorest country in Latin America behind Haiti being the first. Most of the people who suffer in poverty that live in Nicaragua reside in rural areas. The largest segment of the worlds poor are the 800 million poor women and children that live in these rural areas.

Even though the poverty in Nicaragua has decreased in the last 10 years, the high increase in natural disasters in Nicaragua have caused more poverty. Some of the worst natural disasters in Nicaragua are hurricanes. The people in Nicaragua are still recovering from big hurricanes that has happened in the past 10 years. One of the biggest hurricanes that occurred in Nicaragua was “Hurricane Felix.” Hurricane Felix has destroyed over 5 million acres of land in Nicaragua. A large part of the population lost their homes, land and means of survival (Bradshaw). Another reason why poverty is extremely common in Nicaragua is because the rainfall is extreme and popular that it causes a destruction in the forests. The rainfall in Nicaragua has caused over 216,000 peoples homes to be destroyed. “An effective plan to combat deforestation will need to establish alternative, environmentally sustainable livelihoods for Nicaragua’s poor communities.” (Weissharr).

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The rural areas of Nicaragua is where most of the poverty is. The people who reside is these rural areas are mostly farmers. In each family farm, at least one person works on the farm all the time. Working on a farm is one of the biggest income sources in Nicaragua. The reason why the rural areas in Nicaragua ares suffering the most in poverty is because the region is dry and natural resources are very limited in places like that. They depend on there own crops and there is a p…

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