Based on what Ms. Phoebe Zoe Maria Sanchez discussed to us during the previous NSTPCWTS Lecture. The topics were mainly about the history of Philippines: the beliefs, ways of living, and the basic needs of the Filipinos before,during, and after the colonization of Spain. The first Filipinos were believed to have lived together as Balanghays or Barangays which were divided into groups of: the Datus, Babaylans, Baganis, and the Pandays. These groups have their own tasks to perform. My initial thought of this social stratification was that even before the Spaniards came, It seems that our ancestors have already divided themselves from the capable and non-capable. But I was wrong because although the Filipinos were divided into groups, all of them helped each other in forms of Bayanihan. If I compare this type of structure of society to the structure of society we have today. I can say that I prefer the social structure of society in the ancient times than as of today, because it upholds equality, whereas, today I can see the cruelness of society to those people who are poor and powerless; Society subdividing themselves into the higher class and lower class people, thus, promoting inequality. In addition, Bayanihan can now be rarely seen.

The Spaniards came to Philippines from an expedition lead by Magellan in search of spices for trading purposes. I feel sad because the Spaniards from the beginning didn’t have any intention of helping the Filipinos improve. In fact, they were helping themselves. They pointed out how Filipinos weren’t well-educated people, and viewed them as low-class because of how the women we’re almost naked. It irritates me to think of how little they viewed the Filipinos back in the ancient times. When the Spaniards colonized Philippines. It brought devastation and cruelty to our beloved country. It is very sad to think of the people who were abused, treated as animals rather than people, and were even killed by the…

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