Culture is one of the most important characteristics ofhuman society. Man is a conscious being who operates on the work of its external nature, adapting its needs and creating our own history. This resulted in a number of products,processes and changes in the material and spiritual sphere, typical of human existence species, which in their totality make culture. The term culture comes from the Latin word cultus which means the cultivation, processing field and speaks of man’s primal connection with nature and the soil. Over time, the term began to be used for labeling culture spirit, in terms of education and refining spirit. Due to the complexity of human nature and his sociability, culture is verycomplex phenomenon. The number of definitions of culture is a big but they all indicate that culture is everything that people have, think and work as members of a recognizable society.

Cultural tourism means the movement of people caused by the cultural attractions outside their usual place of residence with the intention of collecting new information and experiences to satisfy their cultural needs. 2

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Cultural tourism is a kind of tourism in which the main objectives of tourism is visiting museums, exhibitions, concerts, or the types of tourism related to the material heritage,religious and secular monuments of architecture. Culture, cultural values, cultural good, are designed and created for centuries all over the world and in our country.Many cultural values are known targets travel for many tourists. Our country had a long and turbulent history whose traces are found in all regions. So, these material traces and spiritual values are the basis for the development of cultural tourism in Serbia. Being on the crossroads of Balkan routes, Serbian culture has for centuries preserved the identity and authenticity of Serbia and its people.

Positioned on the crossroads of the main Balkan routes, Serbia has inherited a considerable cultura…

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