The road to democracy was filled with positive and negative, intellectual, social and economic trends. This essay is based on the positive and negative aspects involved in the process or working towards developing a democratic country. Looking back at the way the situation was during apartheid one would not have thought that South Africa would have been the country it is today. However for it to get to where it is today it went through many destructions that tried to prevent the country from becoming a democratic country.

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Negative trends

A number of destructions such as the Afrikaner resistance movement which was led by the AWB took place when the nationalist parties were negotiating with the government for them to all come to a common solution as to how they can end apartheid. Destruction was by the AZAPO who were against the ANC they refused to take part in the elections and therefore they boycotted the process of the elections. The IFP was in feud with the ANC and violence broke out between the two parties resulting in a large number of deaths just before the elections. Destruction was the planting of bombs in different places in South Africa killing hundreds of people.

Positive Trends

With the number of destructions that took place, everyone was afraid that the elections would not take place and that South Africa would remain in the state it was. To a miracle on the day of the elections, everything went smoothly thousands of people lined up to vote for a new South Africa. This wouldn’t have happened without all the mature leaders who participated in the fight for democratic country leaders such as Albie Sachs who is an activist and an anti-apartheid campaigner. He almost got killed in a car bomb that was placed by the South African police. He still stood up for his country because he still believed in bettering his country.

Ruth Slovo who was a South African Journalist and an Anti-apartheid activist who also b…

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