If you ask me, why so many people use the term machismo to describe most Hispanic guys? Suddenly, I will tell you that Dominican guys are the most machistas males in the Hispanic community. The term machismo is defined as a strong sense of masculine pride which stems from the word macho. Most Dominican families have the disgrace of not growing out with both parents, which have a huge effect on each family member.

In the 1980s, the number of immigrants from Dominican Republic to The United States starting to increase and some of the cause was economic instability, politics, and the desired and the ambitious to live properly stable. Mostly men were the one who left the family behind. But sometimes their manliness guide them to acting stubborn and preventing their progress as a human being in some situation.

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Yunior is a character in ‘‘Drown’’ by Junot Diaz. His father left them when he was just four years old. His father Ramon was a machista which cheat on his wife Virta. Ramon was selfish and an ambitious person, his plan was immigrated to The United States, obtain his citizenship, bring his family all together and have his own business. The American Dream for most immigrants. Virta noticed that Ramon was cheating on her, from a neighbor and Ramon leave to the puta (as Yunior call her)’s house. But he was so ambitious and did not want to misspend the opportunity that Vita’s father offered him. He asked the abuelo for the money that he had offered him that will help him to immigrate. Ramon convince him, telling that all he wants for Vita and the kids is to take them to The United States. ‘‘I want a good life for them’’ (Drown, p.164) and explained him that the affair with the puta was a mistake, like many Dominican guys which always call incident as a mistake to get forgiven. His advice to Ramon was to come home and don’t fight and do not hit the kids which I assume that he use domestic violence. After days Ramon re…

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