Having lived in the state of Utah for my entire life and growing up playing many sports, especially football, I have been exposed to the people of the Pacific Islands. Whether I was socializing with them throughout my childhood schooling or playing with and/or against Pacific Islanders throughout my athletic career, the exposure that occurred between myself and Pacific Islander’s shaped my personal perspective on who Pacific Islanders are. In my perspective Pacific Islanders are: physically large, extremely family oriented, and very protective of their cultural ideals.

Naturally I always saw Pacific Islanders as very intimidating because of their massive physical stature. This more than likely because the majority of my engagements with Pacific Island people was on a football field. The majority of Pacific Islanders that played football with or against me were very big and dominated the players that were more near the size of average high school kids. The Pacific Islander players were in most cases always the biggest players on the field. Pacific Islanders were taller, heavier, and stronger than the majority of the players they played with or against. It also seemed as if the best teams in the state always had the most Pacific Islander players, looking back on this claim it’s hard to believe that there was an authentic correlation between the amount of Pacific Islander players and the success of a team. I believe that my experiences with being extremely involved in sports and the relationships that I had with Pacific Islanders led to these beliefs in my perspective of them.

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Another characteristic that I incorporated with the thought of Pacific Islanders was that they had a burning sense of family orientation. Every Pacific Islander that I had ever met referred to any other Pacific Islander as a cousin, uncle, or relative of some sort even if they actually had zero blood relationship to them according the western definition of co…

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