Australian identity is arduous to comprehend and is reasonably complicated because there isn’t one single, common identity that represents Australia. It can be difficult to figure out exactly what it is, how it’s shaped, how people have different perceptions of Australia and/or Australian culture. Someone’s view of Australia will be influenced by their heritage, his or her experiences, background, religion and beliefs; therefore everyone’s interpretation of Australia will be different. We might think we understand what it is or how it was shaped, but do we for certain?

I believe that the Australian identity is one of compassion, equality, acceptance, love and, justice. I believe, that as Australians we have done our forefathers, both Indigenous and ‘White’ proud. We as Australians have created the largest multi-cultural society that the world has ever seen. We are accepting of others race, and beliefs we accept people as they are, we don’t try to change them into something they’re not. We love and accept them unconditionally and together, as one Australia we can advance Australia. Australian identity is represented through someone’s experiences and background. How someone’s experiences and background can shape their view of Australia can be drastically different and will shape their view of Australia. People who come from other countries or even a different community within Australia will likely have a different view of Australia. One of the main ways Australian experiences and backgrounds are represented, are Australian stereotypes. The primary example for this can be sourced from the feature article “The day Nicky Winmar drew the line”. This article outlines the experiences and the actions of Nicky Winmar and McAdam. Nicky Winmar and his teammate McAdam were quoted to have experienced abuse upon entering the field, which was so ghastly, they refused to repeat it. This is simply because they were not born ‘Wh…

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