In the book titled “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down,” Anne Fadiman, an author who helped open the eyes of countless people gives the incredible story of the Hmong people. She wrote this documentation through the eyes of a Hmong family who were immigrants in Merced, California. Fadiman gives a detailed description of the journey that the Lee family faced, and helps give an understanding that there are other cultures in this world that are completely different from most cultures in America. A majority of the work spent with the Lees was taken place in Merced. There were many obstacles that Fadiman faced to gather the proper information needed. One of which was the difference in language between the Hmong, and us. Fortunately, she was able to find enough translators to infer the intricate language of the Hmong and help bring it to life in the eyes of the reader. Fadiman did an excellent job in gathering information from all sorts of people who had different views on the subject, and placed it all together to form a very well written story. Fadiman spoke with doctors, townspeople, elderly people of the Hmong culture, and teachers of the Hmong. Each point of view was different from the next, but Fadiman stayed in an objective state, not judging anyone, just listening. Her inferences of the Lees are not based on judgements. They are based upon facts, facts that the Hmong endure through their culture.

Prior being assigned to read this book, I never knew who the Hmong were, or that they even existed. There was no knowledge in my brain about where they’ve been and what they’ve been through. I didn’t know that these people were forced to live in America and live the way we do, but never entirely adjusted to the way America would want them to. Being as devoted as the Hmong were to their culture and their beliefs, it was hard for the Americans they encountered with to have patience with them because their beliefs were so much d…

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