Liberia was founded by American freed slaves in 1823 in hopes of prosperity and a bright future filled with riches. Those dreams have yet to become true as Liberia is still one of the world’s poorest countries and has been stricken with the Ebola outbreak in December 2013, yet a light still shines through the blinds of darkness. Agribusiness, commercial agriculture characterized by integration of different steps in the food-processing industry usually through large corporate ownership, has brought new hope in Liberia. Firestone, an American tire manufacturer, owns rubber plantations in Liberia for their use creating an array of positive ripples for the nation that has witnessed so much sorrow; displaying First World intervention is a viable solution in struggling economies.

Firestone is interested in Liberia, a tropical area, for its ability to grow rubber in vast amounts where it would not be able to be grown in a temperate area, where rubber production is not sustainable, such as the United States. Liberia Firestone families have benefited from Firestone’s presence as Railey B. Jallah, supervisor of eight tapping operations at Firestone Liberia, testifies, “The company is making headways that cannot be compared easily with any other institution in the country. It is the single largest employer and provides, amongst other things, modern houses for its employees, free medicare for employees and their dependents, and free education for employees’ children.” The Liberian government also supports the Firestone owned rubber plantations due to the infrastructure Firestone has developed described by Bailey as “The number of new houses and schools being constructed, the nearly 17,000 students in Firestone schools, the refurbished Duside hospital are just a few of those undertaking that give true meaning to the transformation and new era of partnership and cooperation embarked upon by Firestone Liberia.” The “partnership” and “co…

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