In the book Tiger Rising by Kate Dicamillo is about a boy namedRob who had a hard time getting over the death of his mom. His father wanted to keep all of his sorrows in. One day when Rob was walking in the woods he saw a tiger in a cage he knew that tiger was the lock for his suitcase. His suitcase was where he kept his feelings. Willie Mae was the maid for the motel she was the one who always gave advice and always wanted to help others, since she never had a good life. Willie Mae had a bird and she couldn’t stand seeing the bird in the cage so she let it go. Sistine was the one who always put her anger on others when she got angry. Beauchamp was the owner of the motel and always was controlling Robs father and telling him what to do. Even though you lost something you have to move on.

On the day of the funeral Robs father slapped him in the face “stop crying, crying ain’t going to bring her back.”From that day on Rob never cried again, in fact “he was the best not cryer in the world.” Sistine did not make a first impression to Rob. She always was demanding to Rob, to know all about his mother. “Whats her name!” Sistine demanded Rob“Caroline, Caroline, Caroline.” “the sound of his mothers name was like was like sweet forbiddencandy on his tongue.” Willie Mae didn’t anybody else to have the life she had and end up like her. Thats why she was always wanting to help people and give them advice. She always wanted to help Rob and Sistine with the tiger. One day when Willie Mae’s father brought home a bird. Every day Willie Mae looked at the bird in the cage. So one day when her father was not home she let the bird go. “Got beat by my daddy, he said I didn’t do that bird no favor, all I did was give some snake supper.”

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Mr.Horton was always quite, since of his wife’s death. He was the one who wanted to move away from Jacksonville.Because everybody was talking about his wife. He was very lonely in Jacksonville …

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