Just fifteen minutes from downtown Santa Marta, framed by an immense green lying on the mountains around, and bathed by the warm waters of the Colombian Caribbean, inlets in the bay of the same name, is Taganga. This humble village, traditionally fisherman, stands proudly by the beauty that characterizes him and, with both hands, offers visitors a variety of options when enjoying one of the riches that holds Santa Marta, “the magic of having everything.” Given his majesty, which can be seen from the road leading to it, decorated with the typical vegetation of the region –cactus and truppillos-to the edge of the beach to the visitors and locals attending, Taganga is distinguished as one of the favorite destinations for many to have a good time, enlivened by the quiet lapping waves of the sea that wiggle simple fishing boats and are the perfect soundtrack for reading a book or the company of scorching sun coast.

The average temperature is 33° Celsius which are dissipated by the sea breeze and merman later when the freshness of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta enters to Taganga and walks the streets of this town fetching and carrying the sounds of the night. If what you want is physical activity, must enjoy the sea wealth available to Taganga, which being situated between mountains and proximity to Tayrona National Park, is emerging as a chest save countless animal and plant species live in a beautiful underwater habitat. To do this, in Taganga a considerable amount of water sports schools that offer public recreation and specialization courses, among which you can find from Snorkeling, up night diving and even courses digital underwater photography with affordable prices and flexible hours.

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In the area of ??boardwalk along the beach Taganguera, are located several restaurants that have meals on their menus local, national and international typical to delight the palate and pocket. It is imperative to emphasize the quality of the fi…

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