Traveling is a good way to know more about different countries with different traditions and customs. If a foreign visitor has only one day to spend in Honduras, definitely he should visit Tegucigalpa the city of Honduras, for its variety, dynamism and beautiful.Tegucigalpa for its localization is very easy to move from one place to another, beside that, people is very friendly. Furthermore Tegucigalpa offers to a foreign visitor who wants to spend a whole day in Honduras the Historical Center of the City, as well as variety of small towns to visit. Also if the foreign visitor want to taste the traditional typical food Tegucigalpa offer many kind of restaurants in which the visitor would have national or international food for those reason Tegucigalpa it’s a nice play to have a good time.

In the first place is important to know about the history of Tegucigalpa city, in the Historical center of the city the foreign visitor can find the majority of the churches, among that foreign visitor could know about the heritage historical of the city, there is the best theater of the city “Manuel Bonilla” recommended for the people who loves art, that all the year count with the visit of a lot of fans of all the world. Also in that historical center of Tegucigalpa we have the principal church of the city “The Cathedral of Tegucigalpa”, this place is open for all persons who want to speak with God.

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In the second place Tegucigalpa has a lot of beautiful colonial small towns that are finding for a lot couples that want to have peaceful day in these places, among them figure Santa Lucia, Ojojona, Valla de Angeles. In Santa Lucia the foreign visitor could arrive in just 20 minutes to the city, this place offers natural areas with a lot entertainment places to spend a little time of the day. On the other hand there is Valle de Angeles, a touristic paradise where the visitor could enjoy a perfect day with a lot of diversion; among the att…

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