“The PISA is a worldwide exam administered every three years that measures academic performance among 15-year-olds in 72 different countries. A sample of more than 540,000 students took the exam in 2015.” (Business Insider). In 2015 America ranked 20 points below average in mathematics, just 4 points above average in reading and just 3 points above average in science. In other words, when it comes to the core subjects of any curriculum, America is either below, or just at, average. There needs to be some form of change.

In his book, Five Minds for the Future Howard Gardner, a leading researcher in multiple bits of intelligence, addresses this problem and proposes a solution. He describes five intellectual characteristics that every person, particularly every student, should be taught to develop. Mr. Gardner believes that these five traits should be inculcated starting at the lowest education levels and students should be taught to utilize the five minds, not just to prepare for life, but to master it.

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The five minds are: The Disciplined Mind;The Synthesizing Mind; The Creating Mind; The Respectful Mind; and The Ethical Mind. The Disciplined Mind is training to perfect a skill. The Synthesizing Mind is to be able to piece together separate information in order to create a new understanding. The Creating Mind is building on discipline and synthesis in order to generate new breakthroughs and understandings. The Respectful Mind’s focus is on the new inter-connected world. One needs to be respectful and understanding of other cultures. The Ethical Mind takes the respectful mind into a more abstract zone, how can the work you do support the needs and desires of society; it makes you question how can you attribute to society. Mr. Gardner maintains that if the American educational system incorporated these concepts into all levels of coursework, then the student/citizens produced would be high performers who can innovate and think crea…

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